Hotel and Lifestyle Amenities

The Amenities and Lifestyle range is based on two well-researched and effective ingredients: Lemon Verbena and Argan oil.

The inspirational blend of African plants and oils creates the perfect synergy to treat both the skin and hair. The unique, green, Afro-inspired lifestyle and in-room hotel amenities are one of a kind. They are all manufactured in eco-friendly, biodegradable containers with 100% natural ingredients. Lemon verbena and argan oil are used to create an uplifting aromatic scent that revitalises the senses and nourishes and hydrates the skin and hair while providing anti-oxidant protection.

In addition to the cornerstone Healing Earth amenities range, an exciting marine-inspired Healing Ocean range is also available. This collection reflects the tranquility of the seaside through its fresh and striking white glass packaging, and also extends our environmentally-responsible ethos from the conservation of the earth to the preservation of the ocean.

The premium products are the perfect addition to five-star seaside or beach-inspired properties.

All lifestyle and in-room amenity products are available for personal and home use, or for luxury hotel in-room amenities.

Hotel Amenities