Antiviral Air Sanitizing Disinfectant Fogger (70% Alcohol) - 250ml

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    Room disinfection of up to 25-50 sqm in a matter of minutes.

    This aerosol disinfection "bomb" is used to disinfect surfaces in hotel guest rooms, offices and restaurants. Simply release the one press nozzle and allow the contents of the can to empty. Once the contents have been expelled into the air the solution will by way of atomization make their way onto surfaces and in turn begin the process of disinfection.

    Benefits include:

    • Contains more than 70% alcohol - Contents on the can have been proven to kill harmful organisms.
    • Easy to use - Simply press the nozzle in and walk around the room. The contents will spray into the air and fall onto surfaces.
    • Residual Effect - Because there are trace amounts of disinfectant left on the surfaces after use, this helps prevent further contamination.
    • Fast turnaround time - Because of the nature of disinfection, the time taken to disinfect an area is greatly reduced compared to traditional disinfection methods.
    • Minimal guest/working disruption - The formulation allows for guests, employees, etc to continue with activities/work with no harm done.
    • Economic price point - Lessening the impact on your operating expenses.
    • None Corrosive - The makeup of the contents is such that it will not corrode the surfaces it falls onto.

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