MAC500 Air Purifier

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    Danish environmentally friendly air purifier reduces viruses in the air by 99.9% quickly and significantly.

    A study from the Danish Technological Institute in Denmark states that the Danish-developed air purifier MAC500 reduces viruses in the air by 89% in one hour. After two hours, viruses are reduced by 99%, and after three hours, the reduction is 99.9%. The air purifier has been tested on a virus that is 7-10 times more resistant to UV light than coronavirus.

    The MAC500 air purifier works by destroying harmful particles such as viruses with the help of UV-C rays, and by generating a small amount of ozone (O3). Using this method there occurs no harmful nitrogen oxides (NOX). Ozone connects with the organic particles in the air (for example nicotine) and oxidates it. Thereby all bacteria, viruses and spores in the air are killed.

    During the purifying process air containing organic compounds that create bad odour are sucked into the MAC500 and passes through the special lamp. The air is treated and disinfected and an excess of O3 is returned to the room. This excess deposits in walls or textiles and destroys odour-bearing organics. This way odour is continuously reduced.

    • Reduce viruses and bacteria on surfaces & the air 24/7.
    • Improves indoor air quality and reduces the number of bacteria, viruses, spores, mould and general toxins in the air.
    • Destroys odour-bearing organic compounds.
    • One unit is designed to treat small OCCUPIED areas of 60m3.
    • Ideal for guest rooms, restaurants, coffee shops, kitchens, offices, gyms, schools.

    The Mac500 is developed by JIMCO A/S who specializes in developing and producing environmentally friendly systems for purification and sterilization of air and wastewater for industries and institutions worldwide.

    MAC500 Technical Data:

    UV Lamp 1x8 W
    Voltage 230V
    Power Consumption 25w
    Room Area 60 m3

    Download more information:

    1. Jimco MAC500 Press release 06.10.2020
    2. MAC500 Certificate of efficacy against coronavirus
    3. MAC500 Full report of efficacy against coronavirus
    4. MAC500 UVC & Ozone technology

    Maintenance: The UV-C lamp will run for 8000 hours after which it needs to be replaced. This equates to 1 year if the machine runs 24/7, 365 days. Lamp price: R1080.00. (Prices subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate) 

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