PlaBeau Plasma G4plus Device

PlaBeau Plasma (G4+) Device

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    A Breakthrough in Natural Anti-Ageing Technology

    A revolutionary new plasma devices for at-home and professional use.
    This non-invasive advanced skincare technology enhances the effectiveness and absorption of skin care products. 

    Why Plasma?
    Plasma temporarily changes the lipid structure of the skin, creating temporary pores to allow for the delivery of large substances such as vitamins, peptides and hyaluronic acid, and thereby increasing the absorption of the active ingredients found in high performance skincare.

    Why Plabeau?
    Plabeau is the world’s first portable beauty device with plasma technology, delivering clinically proven benefits for the skin. It’s completely safe for home use on all ages and skin types. It enhances the absorption of active ingredients, boosts collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refines the pores and overall skin texture, soothes irritated skin, hydrates the skin and removes harmful bacteria from the skin.

    From anti-ageing, whitening and sterilising to revitalising, Plabeau is meticulously designed to provide the ultimate beauty experience.

    Plasma Plabeau Benefits

    Skin Purification
    Plasma removes sebum and debris from the skin and alleviates various skin troubles by purifying it from bacteria, fungus, viruses and even super bacteria. Anti-Ageing Plasma accelerates the skin regeneration process by promoting blood circulation and activating fibroblasts to boost collagen production.

    Enhanced Skin
    Healing Plasma has been proven to reduce irritation, acne inflammation and minor skin infections by promoting the regeneration of the skin-healing fibroblasts that are responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Studies show that plasma improves the aesthetic condition of the skin in a safe, effective alternative to traditional acne and minor skin infection treatments.

    Skin Brightening and Whitening
    Plasma enables the skin to regenerate at a faster rate than that of the pigment cells. This refines skin tone and clarity, and helps to remove blemishes and dark spots. A more even skin tone and colour are achieved through daily use of the Plabeau device.

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