lemon verbena and aloe nourishing hand sanitizer gel 70 percent alcohol 200ml amber glass bottle

On Promotion: Hand Sanitizer Duo - Sanitizer Gel & Antibacterial Spray (200 ml)

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Healing Hygiene Duo:
70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 200ml and Antibacterial Hygiene Spray 200ml

Leading medical professionals and numerous studies assert that hand sanitisers should have an alcohol content of 60% to 95% to increase its effectiveness in killing viruses and bacteria. In in an effort to arm you with the necessary defences to protect your body and safeguard your wellbeing, the laboratory of Healing Earth has formulated a limited-edition 70% alcohol Hand Sanitiser and Hygiene Spray.

Lemon Verbena & Aloe Hand Sanitizer 200ml

It is also recommended that hand sanitisers contain a moisturising component to ensure that the high-alcohol formula does not dry out the skin. This sanitiser is enriched with hydrating and nourishing aloe vera, for a product that heals and protects without harming.

Antibacterial Hygiene Spray 200 ml

Just as important as maintaining good personal hygiene is ensuring that your surroundings are clean and free of harmful microorganisms

This antibacterial hygiene spray has a 70% alcohol content and is infused with a fragrant blend of essential oils. The spray can be used to disinfect any and all surfaces in your home, office, gym, car etc.