About Healing Earth

Healing EARTH™ lifestyle and in-room amenities are one of a kind. It is a collection of pure, biodegradable, aromatherapy products using only pure, organic, essential, and indigenous oils and natural active ingredients packaged in eco-friendly containers. The brand strives to provide a sustainable solution dedicated to the wellbeing of our planet and your hotel guests.

Bio-identical ingredients, essential oils, Fairtrade botanicals, and shea butter are meticulously chosen for their healing properties. The different ranges are suited to both land and ocean locations with a choice of the refreshing Lemon Verbena and Argan oil, marine-inspired Healing Ocean, or the exotic Healing Journeys range infused with basil, clary sage, and jasmine.

These products provide a sustainable wellness solution for hotels and other customers operating in remote environmentally sensitive conservation areas. Healing Earth’s commitment to the planet extends through the whole range and not only puts emphasis on what goes into the products but also how the products are packaged. Products are available in 200 ml frosted or amber glass and bulk refill of 5 liters, minimising the traditional single-use plastics and excess packaging.

Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science
All Healing Earth products have been developed in a clinical, professional environment by leading scientists in the cosmetic industry in South Africa, France, and England. Toxicology reports, quality control, and product information dossiers for the international market are compiled by John Knowlton C.Chem, MRSC, Dip. Cos. Sci. (GB) and John Hopkins BSc, PhD, M I Biol, C Biol.

Why Healing EARTH™?

  • Award-winning, globally recognised products that are earth, animal, and people-friendly.
  • Supports local organic farming.
  • Only pure organic botanicals and indigenous plant extracts are used in this holistic collection of products.
  • Products are never tested on animals.
  • Eco-conscious products packed with unique natural active ingredients, meticulously chosen for their powerful and lasting results, researched using the latest scientific advancements.
  • Healing Earth strictly omits parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and colorants, DEA’s, or harmful preservatives and ingredients from their products.

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