Unilever Professional Cleaning Products

Unilever Professional cleaning products for your hotel, guesthouse, or spa. Trusted purposeful brands and products designed for professional use. 

The professional cleaning world has become complex, reliant on harmful chemicals, and managed without care for small operators and cleaners. Unilever Professional exists to simplify the end-to-end cleaning process from pre-purchase to disposal, creating a professional cleaning business which is smart, safe, and accessible for small operators and cleaners.

The new Unilever Food Safe Range complies with the SANS requirements for Food Safe cleaning products and have been independently tested. Food service operators need reliable, food-safe products that reduce cleaning complexity, improve business efficiency,
and meet the standards of their guests and customers. With Unilever's commitment to
improving their environmental footprint, two of the products are formulated with naturally-derived ingredients. 

Available at SR Amenities Hotel & Spa Supplies. 

Orders are dispatched after 2 to 7 workdays.