Healing Journeys

Made from a careful selection of expertly formulated pure aromatherapy oils, the Healing EARTH™ Journeys collection aims to transport you on a sensory journey to relaxation and well-being. It has set a new benchmark in eco-conscious lifestyle amenities, creating the perfect ambiance throughout your in room

Natural bases the likes of argan, jojoba, and grapeseed oil play host to a nourishing and invigorating blend of aromatherapy oils, including basil, clary sage and jasmine, and more. The unique aromatherapy formulation of this exotic range is unlike any others and the result of years of research into world-class lifestyle amenities. 

Products are never tested on animals.

Products are available in 200 ml frosted glass and bulk refill of 5 litres, minimising the traditional single use plastics and excess packaging.