Collection: Signature Butter and Bath Crystals

A collection of signature body butters and bath crystals infused with Africa's most powerful hydrators - mafaru butter, african potato, baobab, marula and shea butter.

Enhanced to suit your mood with four different aromatherapy blends to heal the body and mind while deeply nourishing the skin. 

The four aromatherapy blends are:

Stillness - Sleep enhancing
Rhythm - Stimulate and restore
Forest - Relax and release
Joy - Energise and uplift

8 products
  • Rhythm Crystal Salts
    Rhythm Crystal Salts Nourishing
  • Forest Crystal Salts
    Forest Crystal Salts Relaxing,
  • Stillness Crystal Salts
    Stillness Crystal Salts Sleep Enhancing
  • Joy Crystal Salts
    Joy Crystal Salts Energising
  • Rhythm Body Butter
    Rhythm Body Butter Nourishing
  • Forest Body Butter
    Forest Body Butter Relaxing
  • Stillness Body Butter
    Stillness Body Butter Sleep Enhancing
  • Joy Body Butter (Energising)
    Joy Body Butter Energising