Beauties and Buddies Box Set

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    Beauties and Buddies by Healing Earth, is  an unique range of natural and organic, dermatologically-tested and iso-certified products developed especially for eco-conscious kids.

    The Beauties and Buddies range consists of a fun and naturally fragrant lavender & jasmine bubble bath, peppermint shower gel, mango & sweet orange body scrub, aloe vera face & body gel, and sweet orange and lemon 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner containing only the purest chemical-free ingredients.

    Not only are the products naturally derived and sustainably manufactured, they have also been developed with the aim of educating children from a young age about the importance of nurturing and respecting both themselves and the natural environment.

    Each product displays a different African wildlife species, and offers educational information on the habitat, behaviour and conservation of each. The products are housed in a box that aims to create a memorable experience for their users. Each includes a pack of brightly coloured pencil crayons that can be used to decorate the unique and interactive educational poster that accompanies the products.

    Children will remember the importance of keeping the ocean free of harmful chemicals when taking a bath in their natural whale-inspired bubble bath; learn the importance of saving water when enjoying their organic elephant-inspired shower gel; learn about endangered species when using their rhino-inspired body scrub; discover how using chemical-free shampoo can make their hair beautiful like a lion’s mane; and more.

     The animal on each product can be found on the poster included in the pack, which gives information about each species and its unique role in our ecosystem, as well as important information on how to save water and the environment at large. A great way to keep the little ones clean, conscious and entertained!

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