Unilever Profressional Comfort Fabric Conditioner in a 3 litre container. Sold by SR Amenities Hotel and Spa Supplies.

Comfort Professional Concentrated Fabric Conditioner - 3 Litre

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    Comfort Professional Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

    A concentrated fabric conditioner suitable for both top and front loader washing machines. A blend of softening ingredients that leaves laundry and linen smooth and soft for longer; while reducing static and drying time.

    • Long-lasting freshness
    • 75 Loads
    • No need to dilute
    • Dermatologically proved to be mild on sensitive skin

    Packing dimensions:
    1 x 3 L

    Dipalmoylethyl, Hydroxyethylmonium, Methosulfate, Alcohol.

    To use, pour 1 cap of Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner into the specified drawer of your front-loading washing machine when you add washing powder or liquid detergent. For top loaders, add Comfort in the final rinse water of your washing cycle. Don’t pour directly onto clothes. For top loaders, don't add bleach, starch, or washing powder to your final rinse. For use in hand washing, use 1 cap per wash. For small loads, use 1/2 cap per wash. Wash hands after use.

    This product is not regarded as a health or environmental hazard under current legislation. Keep away from children. Keep away from eyes. If the product gets into the eyes rinse thoroughly with water. Rinse and dry hands after use. People with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid prolonged contact with the product.

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    Please see SDS for further information.

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