Ground Plunger Coffee - 1 KG

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    Coffee Pod Guru - Ground Plunger Coffee - 1 Kg

    Choose from the following blends:

    Mocha Java Ground Plunger Coffee
    Strength 6/10 - 100% Arabica coffee
    A mild, rich, smooth, and well-rounded coffee with fruity undertones.

    Wiener Mischung Ground Plunger Coffee
    Strength 8/10 - 100% Arabica coffee
    A medium-strong coffee with tropical fruit and chocolate undertones

    Italian Espresso Ground Plunger Coffee
    Strength 10/10 - 100% Arabica coffee
    A powerful, deep, rich coffee that gives you the kick you need.

    Brazilian Santos Ground Plunger Coffee
    Strength 10/10 - 100% Brazilian coffee
    Soft, nutty, low acidity with chocolate undertones.

    Gold Blend Ground Plunger Coffee
    Strength 12/10 - A secret blend with Robusta and Arabica coffee.
    A full roast with plenty of body.

    Colombian Decaf Ground Filter Coffee
    Strength 4/10 - 100% Columbian coffee.
    Light and smooth roast, Columbian coffee without caffeine.

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