healing journeys hand & body wash 5l bulk refill

Healing Journeys Hand and Body Wash

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    An exotic and uplifting aromatherapy hand and body wash to cleanse and invigorate skin. Use this jojoba oil-enriched formula to effectively cleanse the skin and conjure up fragrant bubbles of grape leaf, clary sage, basil, bergamot and jasmine

    Washing your hands and body thoroughly and frequently is essential in disinfecting the skin, protecting against harmful microbes and maintaining health. This hand and body wash is the perfect bodyguard against germs because it is effective without containing any harmful chemicals, PLUS it is enriched with a fragrant blend of nourishing essential oils to ensure that you can protect your health while nourishing your skin. 

    Presentation: 5L Bulk refill
    Also available: 200ml White frosted glass bottle with pump dispenser.

    Healing Earth’s commitment to the planet extends through the whole range and not only puts emphasis in what goes into the products but also how the products are packaged. Products are available in 200 ml frosted glass and bulk refill of 5 litres, minimising the traditional single use plastics and excess packaging.

    The Healing Journeys collection by Healing EARTH™ is made from a careful selection of expertly formulated pure aromatherapy oils, and aims to transport discerning guests on a sensory journey to relaxation and well being. Natural bases the likes of argan, jojoba and grapeseed oil play host to a nourishing and invigorating blend of aromatherapy oils, including basil, clary sage, jasmine and more. The unique aromatherapy formulation of this exotic range is unlike any others and the result of years of research into world-class lifestyle amenities.

    Healing EARTH™ products are pure, containing no artificial colours, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics or other harmful ingredients. Only pure organic botanicals and indigenous plant extracts are used in this holistic collection of products. Manufactured in eco-friendly containers with 100% natural ingredients. Products are never tested on animals.

    NB: Packaging may differ from photo.

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