Unilever Omo Professional Auto Washing Powder in a 9 kilogram bag. Sold by SR Amenities Hotel and Spa Supplies.

Omo Professional Auto Washing Powder - 9 Kg

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    Omo Professional Auto Washing Powder

    Businesses in the hospitality sector or laundromats need a washing powder that penetrates deeply into the fabric of laundry to remove dirt and tough stains. OMO Auto Washing Powder penetrates deeply into the fabric of your clothing to remove dirt from your laundry. Specially formulated to provide the toughest stain removal, OMO Auto Detergent cleans faster than a regular auto washing powder, saving you time and money. Areas of application: Front loaders, top loaders, and twin tubs.

    • 90 Loads
    • Fights tough stains
    • Hygienically clean
    • Performs in cold water

    Packing dimensions:
    1 x 9 kg

    Dose directly into the automatic dispenser drawer. Follow on-pack dosage instructions. For heavy soiling increase dosage.

    Keep away from children. Keep away from eyes. If products get into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Rinse hands after use. People with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid prolonged contact with the product.

    Orders are dispatched after 2 to 7 workdays.

    Please see SDS for further information.

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