Pinotage Therapy Bath and Shower Gel

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    A luxury and invigorating bath and shower gel with the healing properties of the Pinotage grape. This innovative gel contains essential oils of peppermint, marula, marjoram and eucalyptus to stimulate blood circulation and relax tired muscles. This body cleanser leaves the skin feeling refreshed and the muscles relaxed. The gel can be used in the bath for a relaxing muscle soak.

    Washing your hands and body thoroughly and frequently is essential in disinfecting the skin, protecting against harmful microbes and maintaining health. This hand and body wash is the perfect bodyguard against germs because it is effective without containing any harmful chemicals, PLUS it is enriched with a fragrant blend of nourishing essential oils to ensure that you can protect your health while nourishing your skin. 

    Key Ingredients: 
    Marula, pinotage, honeybush tea extract, peppermint, marjoram and eucalyptus.

    For use in the bath or shower as a body wash for a refreshing and stimulating cleanse. Used as a bath gel, pour 30 ml’s into the bath creating a foaming, muscle relaxing bath.

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